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Pro 200 Series Furnace

Porcelain Furnace

The Pro 200 and the Pro Press 200 Porcelain Furnaces are affordable yet intelligently designed with cutting edge technology.  They have advanced cycles for e.max® , In Ceram®, Wol-Ceram®, Captek™, sintered alloys and advanced porcelain products. All Pro Series Porcelain Furnaces come standard with a Vacuum Pump and a 3-Year Warranty or 3,750 muffle hours on unit (US & Canada only).

Whip Mix Corp. PRO/PRESS 200 Series Furnaces

  • Dimensions

    Pro 200 : 11"W x 16"D x 21"H | ProPress 200: 11"W x 16"D x 25"H

    Power Consumption

    1200W - Furnace Alone 1400W - With Pump

    Power Supply

    120 VAC ± 10% 50/60 Hz

    Muffle Windings

    Quartz Tubing

    Muffle Chamber

    3 ¾” W x 2 ½” H x 3 ¾” D

    Maximum Temperature


    Shipping Weight

    Pro 200 – 59 lbs. Pro Press 200 – 71 lbs.

    • 200 Program Memory Expanded memory and faster logic board allows the user to use a multitude of porcelains
    • Quick-Cool Jet cools the muffle twice as fast
    • Pro 200 Master Suite New graph-based application that enables user to create, modify, print and transfer programs to furnaces straight from their PC.
    • USB Port transfer programs and upgrades with a standard Flash Drive, (1) 4GB included.
    • Larger Easy Read LCD Screen provides four lines of 20 characters
    • Membrane Keys for keypad durability and less wear
    • Detent Knob with Built-In Select Switch allows for faster and more convenient programming
    • Improved Muffle More insulation than previous Pro Series to save energy and costs. Rated to 2200° F
    • Upgraded Thermocouple for unsurpassed accuracy
    • Pro Press 200 can accommodate 100 & 200 gram rings for more flexibility
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