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PNS SILVER 3/150 Air Compressor

Completely Silent Operation
●Internally Powder Coated Air Tank
●Fully Automated Operation
●Integrated Control Panel Including,
Line Regulator, Gauges and Hour
●Safety Thermal Alarm
●ASME Certified Tank & Safety Valve
●Heated Oil Sump Prevents Moisture
from Accumulating
●Thermostatically Controlled Cooling
●Long Service Life Backed by a 24
Month Warranty and Dedicated
Tech Support

PNS SILVER 3/150 Air Compressor

SKU: 168785
  • PNS SILVER 3/150 Air Compressor

    HP 3
    Output @ 130 PSI 10.6 CFM
    Output @ 130 PS 300 L. Min
    Max Pressure PSI 130 PSI
    Max Pressure Bar 9 bar kW 2.2
    Max Current 220V 16 Amp
    Noise Level 59 db/A
    Tank Size Gal. 40 Gal
    Tank Size L. 150 Lt
    Dimensions 44x16x44
    Weight 186 lbs
    Packed Dimensions 50x20x60
    Packed Weight 200 lbs

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