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All In One
Milling Machine
Everything is possible in one machine!
A dust collector, a water pump, and a compressor are all-in-one.
CRAFT can be installed anywhere without space restriction.
In addition, anyone can use it easily and maintenance is simple.

Simultaneous Milling Machine
It mills on X, Y, Z axis and rotating blocks and discs 360 degrees in both clockwise and counterclockwise movements.

Wet & Dry
Compatible Milling
It is available to choose a milling method for materials with wet and dry compatible milling. In addition, waterproof function prevents remaining humidity from permeating into milling area.

Sturdy & low-vibration
Compatible Milling
Regardless of its compact size, the internal structure of steel components deliver optimal milling speeds and durability.

Powerful Motor
Closed Loop System
It is provided with a device that can remember numbers of a motor’s rotations that it prevents stepping out itself. Based on the stable motor, any materials can be milled.

Onboard Computer
A touch screen and a built-in computer are equipped. The machine control software has an intuitive user interface that anyone can easily use.

High Quality Spindle
Durable Jäger spindle, which features up to 100,000 RPM and maximum power of 700 W, can mill hard materials stably.

The table provides a storage that milling accessories can be neatly stored. Separate storages are unnecessary.

15 Station
Automatic Tool Changer
It features an automatic tool changer with a 15 tool capacity. Automatic tools sensors measure tool lengths and detects tool breakage automatically.

DOF - CRAFT MILLING (5X Coming Soon...)

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